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Nash BP-10 Fast Drag Big Pit Reel
Stainless bearings and slick performance
Stainless bearings, matte black finish and a seriously slick big carp big pit package.

The matte black Nash BP-10 Fast Drag is a slick big pit and big carp package, with multi disc drag adjusting from free spool tension to fighting drag in less than one turn. Level wind line lay and a long cast aluminium spool offer extreme range casting performance, with stainless steel ball bearings for rugged performance when tackling the hardest fighting fish.

• Matte Black Finish• Aluminium long cast spool• Fast drag • One touch folding handle • Dual Spot On line clips for precision casting• Stainless steel ball bearings• Line guard spool system• Level Wind line lay • Oversized line roller reduces line twist• CNC machined ergonomic handle with isotope slot • Gear ratio 4.9:1

Spool capacity (mm/yards) 0.28 /810 0.30/5000.35/4250.40/380

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